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Press Release: Suresh Prabhu Releases CEEW Report on 'Shaping a Prosperous and Sustainable India'
Suresh P Prabhu, Former Union Minister and CEEW Chairperson, today released a Report on 'Shaping a Prosperous and Sustainable India: Action Plan for E...
Added on 8 Sep 2014
Press Release: Suresh Prabhu - Renewable Energy a Win-Win Solution for India's Energy Security Challenge
Shri Suresh P Prabhu, Former Union Minister, today released a series of reports on 'Renewable Energy Jobs and Finance' published by the Council on Ene...
Added on 25 Aug 2014
CEEW-NRDC Reports and Issue Papers on Renewable Energy Jobs and Finance
The CEEW-NRDC reports on ‘Renewable Energy Jobs and Finance’ are the first independent, external analysis of the employment opportunities ...
Added on 25 Aug 2014
New Report: Collective Action for Water Security and Sustainability
Over the years, water resources in India have witnessed quality deterioration, volumetric reduction, business risks, and worsening equity, social cost...
Added on 25 Aug 2014
CEEW Year-in-Review 2013-14
This August, CEEW completed four years of operations. During this period, CEEW has delivered independent and internationally peer-reviewed research on...
Added on 25 Aug 2014
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CEEW Blog - Connecting Dots
Rethinking an Alternate Energy Future for Delhi  By Komal Shukla Delhi, India's second most populous city, today faces the challenge of meeting rising energy aspirations with increasing urbanisati...
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Suresh Prabhu interview with the Economic Times  Q 1. What are the key priorities for the economy that the new government needs to address A. This is the first election in which t...
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Energy Swaraj for India  By Suresh P Prabhu   Now that the dust of the historic elections have settled, it is time to start rebuilding India's economy and empowerin...
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A Case for Exploring the Potential of Thin Film PV Technology in India  by Shalu Agrawal and Rishabh Jain   Bucking the global trend, the thin film solar photovoltaic (PV) technology occupies a huge sha...
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National Solar Mission Phase 2: Strong Support and a Few Surprises  by Rishabh Jain   The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) released the draft guidelines of the National Solar Mission in D...
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CEEW Fourth Anniversary Dinner   CEEW-NRDC Renewable Energy Jobs and Finance Report Launch
CEO Dr Arunabha Ghosh, Key Speaker at Water Risk and Water Stewardship Seminar   Seminar on China's Building Energy Modelling by Sha Yu (PNNL)
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In India, around 74 million rural households lack access to modern lighting services and a larger proportion of the population (around 840 million) continue to be dependent on traditional biomass energy sources
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