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Aishwarya Hansen Joshi

Aishwarya Hansen Joshi

Lead Coordinator - Europe Desk

Aishwarya is the Lead Coordinator for the Europe Desk at CEEW, where she oversees The Council’s engagements with European embassies, government stakeholders, and select multilateral organisations. In this capacity, she works on a wide range of subjects including energy transitions, climate risks, resource security, climate technology governance, global governance, bilateral diplomacy, and international negotiations.

Before joining The Council, Aishwarya worked at the Royal Danish Embassy in India, where she was responsible for managing government-to-government technical collaborations between Denmark and India. Her focus areas included offshore wind, long-term energy planning, renewable energy integration, and intellectual property rights.

Aishwarya holds an undergraduate degree in Economics Honours from Miranda House, University of Delhi, and a Masters in International Relations and Area Studies from the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Delhi. Outside of her professional commitments, Aishwarya is passionate about music and has been a vocalist in acappella and Hindi-folk music groups for many years. She also finds joy in reading and is an active member of a book club in Delhi that focuses on historical fiction. Aishwarya incorporates daily meditation into her routine and values moments of stillness in her everyday life.

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