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Anurag Sachan

Anurag Sachan


Anurag is a Consultant in the Industrial Sustainability team at the Council. He focuses on making industries sustainable both technologically and financially. At The council, he is working on direct air capture, green hydrogen refinery, and decarbonising industrial equipment and processes. He is also exploring the area of sustainable finance for industries through ESG and sustainability ratings.

He has dual masters, a MSc in Energy from EPFL Switzerland, and an MBA in Strategy from ESSEC Business School, Paris. He started his career in the energy sector and worked in oil and gas, renewables, aviation, and food processing industries. He has worked on large-scale electro-thermal energy storage, district energy networks, and optimising industrial processes. He worked on improving the design of large commercial aircraft engines as well as establishing KPIs for the regional turboprop market. He has built technology products for various start-ups across the globe. He likes to adopt automation techniques and digital tools in his work and is a proponent of nuclear energy to achieve a decarbonised future.

Having lived in four countries and explored more than ten countries, Anurag comes with a diverse cultural experience. He likes to travel to less popular monuments and archaeological sites. He not only explores He likes to explore local culture and food. Anurag is a fitness focussed person, and his stress busters include running and gym sessions.

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