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Arvind Poswal

Arvind Poswal

Research Analyst

Arvind works with the Renewables Team at The Council where he focuses on advancing the clean energy transition in India and its impact under the broader political-economy of growth. His research areas include developing frameworks and systems towards extensive policy, regulatory and market analysis for ensuring a ‘Just and Inclusive Transition’ and promoting Circular Economy models within Renewable Energy.

Prior to joining the Council, Arvind worked with IDFC Institute at Mumbai, within their Urbanisation and Climate-Change practice, focusing on institutional decentralisation for urban green growth.

Arvind has also worked with a consulting firm at Bangalore, as an elected public representative and with government research organisations in Hyderabad, focusing primarily on the political economy of development. His previous projects were around governance and regulatory architectures of urban development, local governance, labour markets, infrastructure and logistics, climate led desertification and multilateral trade relations.

As a student of interdisciplinary studies, Arvind pursues systems level thinking to fathom the vast nuances around governance-management of public systems while relying on sound economic reasoning.

Arvind has studied Biomedical Electronics Engineering, Political Science and International Relations alongside various courses in Public-Policy administration. He recognises the significance of constant learning and ‘study’ at work and in life. His hobbies are around sports,food, music, adventure and natural ecosystems.

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