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Ashwani Arora

Ashwani Arora

Programme Associate

Ashwani works on Renewable Energy sector projects out of The Council’s Delhi office. His core research interest lies in policy and regulatory reforms to accelerate India’s renewable energy transition. He is currently working on projects focusing on increasing the deployment of wind power plants in India and achieve the target of 140GW by 2030. Other broader areas of interest which he would like to explore include electric vehicles and their interaction with the grid and solar PV waste management.

Prior to joining The Council, he worked for over three years in a consulting firm where he focussed on conceptualising and designing different Indian power market scenarios to identify the most optimised generation dispatch and renewable firming solutions. He has also been involved in identifying and analysing various market design measures and policies in the power and renewable domains.

Ashwani holds an M.Tech in Power systems from IIT Delhi, where he worked on a thesis to develop a technical model for renewable energy firming with gas-based plants and energy management system for gird- connected and off-grid distribution network using different software tools. He also holds a B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from VIT, Vellore, Tamil Nadu.

He explores different ways for recreation such as composing poems, self-learning the flute, and reading mythological novels among other. He has taken up trekking as a means to escape into nature. He believes that trekking teaches one to overcome her/his fears and admire the journey and not just the destination. In his spare time, he loves to watch documentaries related to science, engineering, technology, and design.

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