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Energy Access

Job LocationNew Delhi

Job durationFour months


CEEW seeks to hire an intern who will assist in conducting a detailed case study on the experience of energy safety nets in India. CEEW offers an intellectually challenging and conducive work environment, with a focus on research rigour, innovative thinking, and strategic outreach.

The Energy Access team is one of the seven focus areas at the CEEW. Lack of access to energy is a barrier for households, communities, and enterprises in reaching their desired potential. The Energy Access team envisions removing this barrier by using evidence-based research of on-ground realities to inform policies and businesses. The team does this through the collection and analysis of primary data, evaluation of policies and programmes, design of interventions, and the development of collaborative platforms that enable equitable access to modern energy for human development.

The research project will focus on understanding the experience and effectiveness of energy safety nets to ensure access to modern energy services for the poorest social groups. This would build on our understanding of the opportunities and challenges in using targeted subsidies or social assistance measures to enable very poor people to access modern energy services. The overall objective of the research is to provide guidance for policy- and decision-makers by identifying measures that have been successful in enabling low-income population to access modern energy services. The research will also evaluate the possible factors of success and the challenges faced by some of these interventions. The research intern is being hired to assist the fellow researchers in undertaking programmatic and research activities of this project.

The approach would be consultative and include engagement with stakeholders at all levels, including national decision-makers, with a view to building a constituency for influencing policy in the longer-term.

Job Duties and Accountabilities

Primary Responsibilities

  • Conduct a review of key secondary sources, including published and grey literature and statistical data, specific to energy safety nets in India.
  • Discuss theoretical approaches to understand and analyse the identified research outcomes.
  • Co-design a framework for selection and detailing of the case study
  • Map stakeholders in energy access to understand their roles and influence.
  • Assist in developing the interview guides and engagement guides for stakeholder consultations and interviews
  • Conduct primary interviews with all relevant stakeholders at all levels, including national decision-makers for the case study
  • Assist in organising and facilitate stakeholder workshop discussions.
  • Assist in analysing and preparing the research outputs like reports, briefing papers, etc.

Selection Criteria


  • Enrolled in or recently graduated from a Master’s degree with specialisation in sociology, anthropology, political science, gender studies, development economics, liberal arts or development studies.

Main skills

  • Strong analytical skills
  • Experience in using qualitative research skills is highly desirable
  • Exposure to quantitative research skills would be a plus
  • Strong theoretical understanding of socio-economic institutions that influence policy development and implementation.
  • Good written and oral communication skills.


Competitive compensation – commensurate to the experience and matching the best of standards adopted by industry or other similar organizations for similar roles.