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Designation offered: Consultant
Focus Area: Industrial Sustainability and Competitiveness
Reporting to: Programme Lead 
Location: New Delhi, India
Duration: Full time

CEEW seeks to hire a consultant for its Industrial Sustainability and Competitiveness (ISC) team. The ISC team leads a wide range of focus areas related to energy markets, energy transition, technology development, innovation, critical mineral resources, circular economy, and carbon management. ISC focuses on two broad areas within energy markets – oil and gas markets and new generation fuels. With energy transition in focus, there is a need to understand the changes in the dynamics of the oil and gas industry, domestically and globally, and how they impact India. We are still in the growth phase of natural gas markets. But new generation green fuels, such as green hydrogen, are going to challenge this growth. The oil value chain is deeply entrenched, but the EV growth will impact it in the future. It is essential to understand the market impacts of these transitions. Finally, as new green fuels make an entry, there is a need to know how the market should evolve for these fuels and the associated need for regulators, regulations, policies, and market players (traders, marketers, etc.). In essence, what are the implications of the energy transition on energy markets, what do they mean for India, and how should we navigate these changes.

Job Duties and Accountabilities 

  • Able to identify challenges in the present policy/ regulation and assist in providing workable solutions
  • Assisting/supporting projects related to macro aspects of climate change, such as carbon pricing management. These include literature reviewing, brainstorming on new and unique challenges, balancing the stakeholder’s interest
  • Able to provide input on the emerging issues/ challenges/ opportunities related to internalizing carbon pricing (both across sectors and economies)
  • Able to model (general modelling) sector interactions: estimate MAC curves and estimate some risk factor indicators for sectors/ firms/ economically weaker sections etc. (Assist in Conducting analyses and research in Climate Action)
  • Able to foresee cross-border issues (Access to global market) and evaluate/quantify the impacts, understanding the position of India from various policy viewpoints vis-à-vis other key economies
  • Conduct open-ended research, synthesize comprehensive information, and present actionable insights to launch new initiatives in the Climate area of work. Develop research outputs in various forms such as publications, journal papers, reports, op-eds, and articles
  • Work with senior researchers on conceptualizing new projects (as and when needed) and support revenue generation for new projects
  • Participate in relevant conferences, workshops, and training programmes as necessary to communicate research findings and gain insights on new research in focus areas
  • Support efforts to use new media platforms to disseminate CEEW's work and, in turn, closer engagement with the broader community.

Shortlisting Criteria

Education and experience

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s (preferred) degree in finance and/ or economics
  • Experience with relevant software to develop analyses as necessary; proficiency in MS Excel is a must
  • Minimum of 3-5 years of related experience (Ph.D. students who have just completed thesis may also apply)
  • Willingness for occasional travel to stakeholder offices or operations

Key skills

  • Ability to identify long-term structural issues in the energy markets and develop policy solutions 
  • Prior experience in Carbon markets; domestic market knowledge essential, international market knowledge preferable
  • Experience working in Excel is essential. Experience with software programs such as R, and STATA is a plus.
  • Must have strong technical expertise and interpersonal skills
  • Good written and oral communication skills


  • Willingness to learn new research and project management skills. 
  • Ability to identify creative solutions to vexing challenges in taking the policy into action
  • Ability to adapt and deliver under tight deadlines in a professional environment
  • Ability to effectively work in a team while being able to independently drive the work with minimum assistance
  • Ability and willingness to dig deeper into details while keeping a sense of the broader objectives and big picture
  • Willingness to learn, grow and develop at a personal and professional front, at a rapid pace with a steep learning curve
  • Ability to work in an interdisciplinary and multicultural environment

CEEW operates in a dynamic environment, and the candidate will be required to show flexibility in undertaking a variety of tasks.

Competitive compensation – commensurate to the experience and matching the best standards adopted by industry or other organizations for similar roles.

Application Process

CEEW is an equal opportunity employer and the selection process does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, or caste. Female candidates are encouraged to apply.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Interested applicants are advised to apply at the earliest possible.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. We appreciate your interest.