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Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW), New Delhi
Programme Associate – Risks and Adaption, Air Quality

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Designation offered: Programme Associate
Team: RAP - AQ
Reporting to: Programme Lead, Risks and Adaptation, Air Quality
Location: New Delhi, India


The Air Quality team at CEEW aims to strengthen air quality management in India’s non-attainment cities by

  • Plugging critical data and information gaps,
  • Building technical and enforcement capacity of institutions, and
  • Equipping citizens with information that can transform them into agents of change.

The team seeks to hire a dedicated researcher and a go-getter to build and expand its work on identifying solutions for dispersed pollution sources like construction and road dust, garbage burning and informal industries in urban areas. The candidate will undertake relevant research, identify and consult stakeholders, and conduct techno-economic and feasibility assessments. The candidate will also have to design and conduct studies to evaluate the impact of proposed solutions. The role offers an excellent opportunity to work with city administrations to ideate and implement solutions for clean air. While the role is based in Delhi, the candidate should be open to traveling frequently as and when needed.

Job Duties and Accountabilities:  

Research and programme assistance

  • To track and document best practices being adopted by cities across the globe to mitigate air pollution
  • To understand the existing regulations and guidelines governing management of dispersed pollution sources.
  • To conduct research on possible solutions for addressing pollution from dispersed pollution sources prevalent in Indian cities
  • To assess the economic implications of deployment of identified solutions
  • To assess the barriers in deployment of identified solutions
  • To quantitatively assess the potential impact of identified solutions on a city’s air quality
  • To design data solutions/tools for strengthening enforcement of existing regulations governing pollution sources like waste burning and construction dust.
  • To provide research content for the organisation's web pages, blogs, issue briefs, etc
  • To help younger staff members build capacity on working with big data sets
  • To engage with relevant stakeholders from industries, policy experts, academicians
  • To participate in relevant conferences, workshops, training programmes for a comprehensive understanding of air quality management in India and globally

Shortlisting Criteria

Education and experience

  • Ph.D in Civil/Environmental Engineering, or related field
  • Prior experience of working on city-wide emission modelling, and running dispersion/chemical transport models

Main skills

  • Strong analytic skills including quantitative research skills
  • Ability to handle large datasets
  • Good oral and written communication skills


  • Willingness to learn new (research and project management) skills
  • Ability to adapt to the new environment and deliver under tight deadlines in a professional environment
  • Striving for rigour in research and quality in work output
  • Ability to effectively work in a team while being able to independently drive research with minimum assistance, when time demands
  • Ability to dig deeper into details, while also keeping a sense of the broader objectives and big picture
  • Willingness to learn, grow and develop at personal and professional front, at a rapid pace with a steep learning curve
  • Ability to work in an interdisciplinary and multicultural environment

CEEW operates in a dynamic environment and the candidate will be required to show flexibility in undertaking a variety of tasks. CEEW is an equal opportunity employer. Female candidates are encouraged to apply.

Competitive compensation – commensurate to the experience and matching the best of standards adopted by industry or other similar organisations for similar roles.

Application Process

CEEW is an equal opportunity employer and the selection process does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, caste, ethnicity, religion, or sexuality. Female candidates are encouraged to apply.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Interested applicants are advised to apply at the earliest possible.