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Ministry unveils Rs 175 billion for electrolyzers, Green Hydrogen production
Amlan Bibhudatta's Insight
Notable Because

After the announcement of the much talked about National Green Hydrogen Mission (NGHM), this is the most significant policy announcement concerning green hydrogen. The document outlines incentive programs that will be implemented between 2025-26 and 2029-30 respectively as part of the NGHM. It is worth mentioning that the total outlay of Rs 175 billion is broken down to Rs 44 billion for electrolysers and the rest to support GH2 manufacturing.

What to look out for in the months ahead

It will be interesting to see, how much of the outlay is actually used and by what type of firms and industries?

Additionally, what will be the bureaucratic bottlenecks and loopholes concerning reimbursement of these incentives and how the government aims to tackle those is very crucial.