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Prashasti Sarraf

Prashasti Sarraf

Research Analyst

Prashasti works as a Research Analyst in the Power Markets team at The Council. Her research revolves around identifying the operational and financial inefficiencies associated with distribution utilities and helping them in loss recovery with the aid of smart metering and digitalisation. She is enthusiastic about understanding the power distribution landscape and contributing towards its functional feasibility and sustainability by leveraging her technical and analytical competencies.

Prashasti has completed her graduation in Mathematics Honours from St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras. During her graduation, Prashasti interned at Schindler Group in the Global Account Management division where she was responsible for strategizing business growth in the European region through data-driven analytics and processing of portfolios and global contracts.

Prashasti has also volunteered with the Meerut District Health Committee as a Counsellor for Covid-19 Immunisation for advising people on the pressing need for vaccination. Besides this, she has worked on collaborative projects in market research and corporate data governance and has co-authored multiple blog and journal publications for public forums.

Prashasti is a lectiophile who loves reading classics and adventure fiction. She is trained in abstract art and likes to engage in creative expression whenever she finds time. She is also passionate about badminton and tennis.

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