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Sairam D

Sairam D

Research Analyst

Sairam works as the Research Analyst for The Council’s Clean Air team. He facilitates setting up and management of distributed air quality sensor networks in the states located in the Indo-Gangetic Plain. He holds a Master's degree in Embedded Systems Technologies from Anna University, Chennai.

Prior to joining The Council, Sairam worked as an Associate in Reap Benefit, where he engaged with the youth in public-problem solving (civic and environmental issues) with technology and local data. His success has been in building DIY (Do it Yourself) and TIY (Try It Yourself) solutions that bring any citizen to identify, investigate or report issues in a local neighborhood. His prototypes vary from water meters and water quality testing kits to air quality and composting monitor. Sairam has also served as a community mapping fellow at Public Lab to enhance the features of the aerial mapping kit and mapping tool.

Sairam is a selenophile who likes coffee,board games and Cricket. His small pleasures include mastering calligraphy, sketching and origami.

  • 76+DIY Prototypes built to solve environmental issues
  • <15Mins taken to solve a 9X9 Sudoku every day
  • 0Episodes of ‘Friends and Game of Thrones’ watched
  • What I believe in

    Consistency is more important than perfection.