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Sanchit Waray

Sanchit Waray

Programme Associate

Sanchit’s research at The Council revolves around energy technology and policy. He is part of I-DESIRE, a project that aims to leverage distributed renewables and energy efficiency innovations to support rural incomes in India, particularly in agriculture and non-farm microenterprises. An entrepreneur previously, he keenly follows innovations in energy and chemicals technology, and economics. Having co-founded StartEZ Technologies, Sanchit successfully delivered multiple consulting assignments and created products for startups and investors. With stints at Battelle and Saint-Gobain, Sanchit brings four and a half years of research experience to The Council. He has previously worked on technology and policy aspects of innovation ecosystems, renewable energy systems, and sustainable materials and chemicals.

An alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University and the Institute of Chemical Technology (Mumbai), Sanchit loves hiking, cats, bacon, and Manchester United, and is always aspiring to become a writer.

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    Sanchit can mostly be found on his desk, engrossed in reports and excel sheets. That doesn’t stop him from trying to make everyone laugh every opportunity he gets.


    Neeraj Kuldeep

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