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Sijo Abraham

Sijo Abraham

Programme Associate

Sijo works at The Council as a Programme Associate in the Sustainable Food Systems team. His current research involves understanding and mapping food systems by identifying levers for food system transformation. It also covers evaluating Natural Farming’s feasibility and scale-up strategy for Rajasthan.

Previously, Sijo worked as an Environmental Consultant for Veolia, a French transnational company focusing on energy, water, and waste management. During his tenure at Veolia, Sijo worked towards biophysical modelling of nutrient and water dynamics in the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere system. He also worked on developing a smart decision tool based on an agronomic model and integrated it with field sensors aimed at precision irrigation and fertilization. Sijo was also part of a technical team developing a sustainable and self-sufficient agricultural model using a circular economy. The study also included a socio-economic and environmental impact assessment report. He has also worked on modelling reaction mechanisms of complex compounds using Density Function Theorem and molecular dynamics.

Sijo holds a Master of Science in Climate, Land use, and Ecosystem services from AgroParisTech, Paris, and a Master of Science in Molecular Chemistry from Ecole Polytechnique, Saclay. He also completed a Fellowship for Climate Action from Anant National University.

Previously, Sijo completed his Bachelor’s with honours in Chemistry from St Stephen's College, Delhi University. In his free time, Sijo enjoys a good cup of coffee and is passionate about visiting unique cafes around the world. He has also mastered the art of turning “leftovers” from your fridge into a complete meal.

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