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Tuli Bakshi

Tuli Bakshi


Tuli Bakshi works as a consultant in the Industrial Sustainability and Competitiveness team at the Council. Her primary domain of work is industrial decarbonization through carbon capture utilisation and storage.

Prior to joining the Council as a consultant, Tuli worked as an intern for four months. She has completed her Postdoctoral studies from IIT Bombay and PhD from the Department of Mining Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. In her academic research, she explored the possibilities for Indian shale and coal to serve as a probable CO2 storage sink. While working as a PhD student, Tuli also worked as a senior research fellow in a European Union-IIT Kharagpur project on sustainable coal mining. She has published her research works in a number of reputed peer-reviewed international journals and presented her work in prestigious international conferences.

Tuli completed her B.Sc in Geology from University of Calcutta, M.Sc in Applied Geology and MTech in Petroleum Geosciences from the Department of Earth Science, IIT Bombay. 
Presently, Tuli’s work focuses on assessing the technology risk and safety aspect of CCS, the governance principles, and supply chain modeling. Apart from CCS, Tuli is also working on climate resilient infrastructures. Her areas of interest include energy transition, sustainable cities, climate resilient infrastructure, climate security and peace building.

When Tuli is not working in office, she passionately works on LGBTQ issues. She is also a cinephile, history lover and is always looking for a satisfactory answer for her question of the day. 

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