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Wase Khalid

Wase Khalid

Programme Lead

An economist turned development professional, Wase’s work at The Council focuses on energy access and rural livelihoods. He is engaged in programmes supporting commercialisation of clean energy innovations for livelihoods. He is working with enterprises to help them undertake commercial pilots and generate on-ground evidence at a meaningful scale. His broader interest lies in understanding the interlinkage and synergy between the energy and livelihood sector and promoting policies for productive use of energy.

Prior to joining The Council, Wase served as a Management Trainee and Project Lead for Dharma Life- Unilever Entrepreneurship Project. He was engaged in portfolio of projects in the field of clean energy, indoor air pollution, digital literacy, and rural entrepreneurship. He extensively worked in the areas of clean energy and indoor air Pollution through behaviour change campaigns and access to social impact products. His work focussed on women entrepreneurship and boost in rural income.

Wase holds a Masters in Social Work with specialisation in Livelihood and Social Entrepreneurship from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. His thesis focused on the impact of recent development policies and practices on the livelihood and lifeworld of marginalised sections. He holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi. He perceives that marginalised sections fail to recognise the interlinkages between livelihood and energy access, and has an ambition to fill this gap through research, innovation and policy advocacy.

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