Renewable Energy

Amazon surpasses 1.1 GW clean energy capacity in India

Gagan Sidhu

Notable because

Contracting RE through open access has emerged as one of the most popular routes for corporates to decarbonise. There are several factors spurring them to green their power purchases. Cost is one of them. The open access route can result in significant savings for corporates even after accounting for various surcharges and duties. Regulatory push is another, with Scope 2 emissions featuring as a mandatory disclosure item under SEBI’s BRSR framework.

What to look out for in the months ahead

India’s RPO trajectory mandates obligated entities, primarily discoms, to procure 27.08% of their electricity purchases from sources such as wind, solar, and hydro by 2023–24. This will progressively rise to 43.33% by 2029–30.

Will the appetite of corporates to independently contract RE through open access diminish as the embedded green in the power they purchase from discoms increases as per the RPO trajectory?