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Humans of CEEW


We’re building careers in public policy.
Our extraordinarily diverse team is driven by one belief – public policy, supported by deep analysis, can be a force for good.

Research to Action – CEEW’s Arc of Learning


Healthy scepticism to define the research question. Whose problem can we understand, whose problem can we solve, and who could help us do that?


Build an interdisciplinary team, design robust research methodology, choose partners, and differentiate clients from funders.


Research through data collection, objectivity in method, and evidence-based analysis.


Present findings to and exchange ideas with our network of scholars, industry experts and civil society representatives, within and outside India.


Core messages (based on facts) to inform policymakers, political leaders and wider public.


(as necessary) policy processes and pilot interventions for innovative solutions to complex policy challenges.


on our research and actions, measure key metrics, and learn from our failures.

Open Positions

CEEW presents an opportunity to use your talent to solve pressing national and global issues. Read more in The Think Tank Route to Public Good

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Life at CEEW

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What we believe in

We are integrated

We connect dots. Be it of disciplines, cultures, teams or points of view - synergies and respect drive our research, outreach, and behaviour.

We have an international outlook

We observe the planet as a whole and believe that an international outlook helps us serve India better. At the Council, we recognise and work on local, national, and global challenges. We aim to keep all research outputs internationally relevant.

We are independent

Without our independence, we are nothing. With it, we have nothing to fear. At the Council, we separate funding from findings and take no institutional positions. All monitoring and evaluation systems are designed to prevent conflict of interest. Editorial independence is most sacred to us.

We are a team

Public policy needs many minds to work together. At The Council, leadership is by initiative, not seniority. Anyone can conceive an idea, do the initial research, and build a team across focus areas to execute their vision. We are dreamers!

We believe in rigour

We understand that public policy is a conservative business. It is not easy to convince millions of people about the need for change. At The Council, facts are sacred. We strive to translate our research outcomes into improved governance.

We communicate to change

We believe in strategic outreach as the means to disseminate our research and its impact. We experiment with diverse communication channels, informing and engaging with our stakeholders from across the world.