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Sustainable Living

Karthik Ganesan talks about climate change, the urban water crisis in India, the importance of waste segregation and more in this episode of the Filter Koffee podcast.

5 steps for clean air in India

Arunabha Ghosh lays out a five-step plan to put India on the path to cleaner, safer air, and shows how every citizen can play an active role in creating a democratic demand for clean air.

Al jazeera interview

Has enough been done to deal with toxic smog in New Delhi?

Karthik Ganesan speaks on stubble burning, role of meteorological conditions in Delhi's air quality, multitude of pollution sources, and indoor air pollution.

David Letterman learns about India's energy future

David Letterman talks with our founder- CEO Arunabha Ghosh, about India's ongoing energy transition and key challenges.

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Learn about CEEW

A brief overview of the journey, achievements, and key research areas of one of South Asia's leading independent not-for-profit policy research institutions.

Meet our CEO

Know more about Dr Arunabha Ghosh, our founder CEO, who has led CEEW since 2010.

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