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David Letterman learns about India's energy future

David Letterman talks with our founder- CEO Arunabha Ghosh, about India's ongoing energy transition and key challenges.

Clean energy can boost rural economy

Sanchit Waray and Arunabha Ghosh's in farm and non-farm sectors of the rural economy and press for a platform that would provide market intelligence, facilitate strategic pilots, enable financing, and engage with policymakers.

Solar powered healthcare in developing countries

In his commentary in Nature Energy, Hem Dholakia reiterates the immense opportunity for solar energy to bridge the gaps in electricity access in health healthcare facilities across the developing world.

Can states meet Centre’s village electrification targets?

Kapardhi Bharadwaj and Saurabh Tripathi analyse the preparedness of state agencies to execute the Centre's ambitious electrification targets.

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A brief overview of the journey, achievements, and key research areas of one of South Asia's leading independent not-for-profit policy research institutions.

Meet our CEO

Know more about Dr Arunabha Ghosh, our founder CEO, who has led CEEW since 2010.

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