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Structural reforms for decarbonising India

Vaibhav Chaturvedi underlines four structural reforms that hold the key to India’s decarbonisation, similar to structural reforms that are critical for achieving higher and equitable economic growth.

Not Just a Job, Building a Career

Kanika Chawla writes about the importance of mentors and support groups in building impactful careers, and urges each of us to become an agent of change.

Clean Energy Innovations to Boost Rural Incomes

In this interview with Power4All, Abhishek Jain speaks about boosting rural incomes through innovation in distributed clean energy and the USD 50 billion market opportunity for new livelihood appliances.

David Letterman learns about India's energy future

David Letterman talks with our founder- CEO Arunabha Ghosh, about India's ongoing energy transition and key challenges.

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Learn about CEEW

A brief overview of the journey, achievements, and key research areas of one of South Asia's leading independent not-for-profit policy research institutions.

Meet our CEO

Know more about Dr Arunabha Ghosh, our founder CEO, who has led CEEW since 2010.

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