Electric Mobility

BluSmart partners Tata Power to source solar power for EV charging

Ruchita Shah

Notable because

BluSmart, India’s first all-electric taxi fleet operator, founded in 2019, operates in Delhi NCR and Bengaluru. EVs are zero tail-pipe emitters, however, they rely on grid electricity leading to Scope 2 emissions.

To address this, BluSmart partnered with Tata Power to source 30 MW of solar power, aiming for zero-emission operations in the long term. This partnership also highlights the role of the open access route in greening the electricity for charging EVs.

What to look out for in the months ahead

How will BluSmart align solar hours with EV charging needs?

A wind–solar hybrid project can provide a smoother generation profile compared to a vanilla solar project. Will BluSmart consider such projects in the future to fulfil its EV charging requirements?