Renewable Energy

Central govt amends electricity rules, introduces ToD.

Dishant Rathee

Notable because

In FY23, the share of RE (including hydro) in the total generation mix stood at 22.8%. As per the RPO trajectory, this percentage would need to grow by two times to 43.3% by 2030. As most of the growth is estimated to come from variable RE, the introduction of solar Time-of-Day (ToD) tariffs will encourage the efficient use of solar energy by shifting loads to solar hours and offering cost savings to consumers

What to look out for in the months ahead

Smart meters are a prerequisite as per the ToD amendment. However, of the 250 million smart metres expected to be deployed by 2025–26, only about 5.5 million have been installed as of February 2023. What steps will the government be taking to accelerate the deployment of smart meters for commercial and industrial consumers by 2024, and for residential consumers by 2025, so that more consumers can take advantage of this development?