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CEEW Centre for Energy Finance

CEEW Centre for Energy Finance

The CEEW Centre for Energy Finance (CEF) acts as a non-partisan market observer and driver, to monitor, develop, test, and deploy financial solutions to advance the energy transition. It aims to help deepen markets, increase transparency, and attract capital in clean energy sectors in emerging economies. It will achieve this by comprehensively tracking, interpreting, and responding to developments in the energy markets, while also bridging gaps between governments, industry, and financiers. CEF is an initiative of the Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW), one of South Asia’s leading think-tanks.

Responding to a growing need for enabling an efficient and timely energy transition in emerging economies, CEF will focus on developing fit for purpose market responsive financial products. A robust energy transition also requires deep markets, which need continuous monitoring, support, and course correction. By designing financial solutions and providing near-real-time analysis of current and emerging clean energy markets, CEF will build confidence and coherence across key actors, reduce information asymmetry, and bridge the financial gap.

Financing the energy transition in emerging economies

The clean energy transition is gaining momentum across the world with cumulative renewable energy installation crossing 1000 GW in 2018. Several emerging markets are now seeing renewable energy markets of significant scale. However, these markets are young and prone to challenges that could inhibit or reverse the advances made in the recent past. Also, the absence of well-functioning markets in emerging economies make investment in clean technologies risky and prevent capital from flowing from where it is in surplus to regions where it is most needed. CEF will address the urgent need for increasing the flow and affordability of private capital into clean energy markets in emerging economies.

CEF’s Focus: Analysis and Solutions

CEF has a twin focus on markets and solutions. CEF’s market analysis will cover energy transition-related sectors, both on the supply (solar, wind, energy storage) and demand side (electric vehicles, distributed renewable energy applications). It will create open source data sets, salient and timely analysis, and market trend studies.

CEF’s solution-focused work will enable the flow of new and more affordable capital into clean energy sectors. These solutions will be designed to address specific market risks that act as roadblocks to capital flows. These will include designing, implementation support, and evaluation of policy instruments, insurance products, incubation funds, etc.

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