Industrial Decarbonisation

AAP govt notifies new solar policy in Delhi

Riddhi Mukherjee

Notable because

As of February 2024, Delhi’s total installed solar capacity stood at 237 MW, of which 95.2% is rooftop solar (RTS). The new solar policy aims to promote the installation of 750 MW by 2027, a threefold increase in installed RTS capacity from current levels. Under the policy, capital subsidies have been introduced for the first time, along with generation-based incentives, a hybrid RESCO model, and provisions for virtual net metering for community solar projects.

What to look out for in the months ahead

Delhi is one of the first states to provide additional incentives for RTS uptake following the announcement on PM Suryoday Yojona.

As earlier virtual net metering provisions did not witness significant uptake, the current policy has bundled these arrangements with community solar provisions. Will these measures help Delhi emerge as a frontrunner in the residential RTS segment?