Electric Mobility

Cabs, delivery service platforms must register on govt’s online portal

Riddhi Mukherjee

Notable because

Fleet operators have historically been the early adopters of EVs in India; and in EV penetration terms, Delhi has been a frontrunner in the country, topping the charts in FY23. This portal operationalises the Delhi government’s Aggregator and Delivery Service Provider Scheme, which was announced in November 2023. Apart from complete fleet onboarding on the portal, this scheme mandates a phased transition to EVs, ensuring vehicles across all segments are electrified by April 2030.

What to look out for in the months ahead

Transitioning to an all-electric fleet by 2030 requires significant scrapping incentives, particularly in the 4W segment. Will the government use the data collected by the portal for innovative purposes such as targeted scrapping incentives? 

Will Delhi’'s EV policy 2.0, expected to be released in the coming months, also have a fleet aggregator focus?