SECI to call tender for Electrolyser Manufacturing units for Green Hydrogen soon

Apoorv Minocha

Notable because

India's National Green Hydrogen Mission aims to position the nation as a global centre for both, the production and export of green hydrogen. An essential step in producing green hydrogen from water is electrolysis. Fostering the growth of domestic electrolyser manufacturing through such tenders, and concurrently implementing incentives like exemptions on transmission charges and banking fees could help India achieve its target of producing 5 MMT per annum of green hydrogen production  capacity by 2030.  

What to look out for in the months ahead

How can demand aggregation be effectively managed to promote the penetration of green hydrogen in the domestic economy?

What measures will be required to achieve export ambitions as a part of India’s National Green Hydrogen Mission?

What will be the geographic composition of the domestic participation for this tender?