Electric Mobility

Chandigarh's big EV push: Fossil fuel-based four-wheeler registrations to stop by Dec

Dishant Rathee

Notable because

Chandigarh becomes the first city to ban ICEV 2W and 4W registration, once the registration target for this financial year is reached under its pioneering EV policy. To promote wider EV adoption, the policy integrates command and control regulations, incentives, and a dedicated consumer category for EV charging. Chandigarh's proactive approach in leading the transition to green mobility sets an exemplary model for other regions to follow.

What to look out for in the months ahead

The suddenness of the policy decision may disrupt the market. Buyers may instead opt to register their ICEV in the neighbouring states to circumvent the ban. It remains to be seen how the state administration will effectively manage the potential challenge and enforce the ban?