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Humans of CEEW


"When I'm in the game, I go the whole nine yards. And then some."

Ankur Malyan

"A social justice warrior every hour, every day. And a firm believer in the goodness of human beings."

Shaily Jha

"It was a day when everything that could go wrong did. A colleague took notice and said to me, "I am not one to pander, but you are awesome!" There's always someone here who will notice if things are amiss and care to ask how you're holding up. It's heart-warming."

Riddhima Sethi

"To grow a team, we should look for people different from us. Pluralism is the reality of the world. All I care about is brain power and how you think. Does not matter where you come from or who you know."

Arunabha Ghosh

"I see no point in shying away from calling out a wrong. Any discrimination rubs me the wrong way. I am deeply and passionately set against the killings of the Palestinian people. And I will use any platform, including this one, to say that the people need a free Palestinian state."

Nandini Harihar

“I am CEEW’s spirit animal. It is an intense and exhilarating connect. We learn from each other. Grow together. And we've always got each other’s back."

kanika chawla

"Considering energy, environment and water together whenever we approach a problem, big or small, is a wonderful way to think about it. "

Jamshyd N. Godrej

"Build institution, leave legacy! The great thing about building an institution with young people is their energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. The experience will come. It's great to see young CEEW, stay young."

Tarun Das

"Even though I was good at it, I knew my purpose in life was not to sell chocolates, no matter how reputed the brand. How can rural India become an engine of economic and social development? It's been a preoccupation since my engineering days. I am finally doing something about it here. Managing CEEW's energy access and livelihoods programme with colleagues who care about it equally."

abhishek jain

"I'm the projectile to the catapult that is CEEW. It gives me a steady base to stand on and the torque to slingshot higher and further."

abhinav Suman

"If I had a magic wand, the first thing I would vanish is speciesism. The idea that being human is a good enough reason for us to decide how other species live and die is beyond me."

Mayank Munjal

"From the little I've seen, the scope and depth of the work of CEEW is truly impressive, combining research and analysis in critical areas and their practical application to affect changes in the life of the common man."

Ambassador Nengcha Lhouvum Mukhopadhaya

"You can expect 100 per cent transparency ― no horror stories, and surprises ― when working with me."

Padarabinda Samal

"As the years roll by, it is becoming clearer that my happiness and contentment is linked almost strictly to the well-being of the plants and animals around me, for I can empathise with such creatures far more than I can with any human.”

sabarish elango

"CEEW is home. It’s my safe space. Also the space where I'm made to challenge myself. I get to grow. I get to celebrate others wins as my own. I have people rooting for me. I get to share my (work) burden, and when it's done, and well, there is always the reward of appreciation."

shikha bhasin

"CEEW is a kaleidoscope. Constant motion. All eyes on you. Applause for the magic you create. And also support when the glass cuts deep."

Alina Sen

"Nation-building is no longer the bastion of the elderly elite. The voices today are more diverse, noisier ― we are argumentative Indians after all ― yet inherently inclusive and collaborative. I am here to engage on policy and politics, and it gives me such hope to see the increasing interest and involvement of the youth in shaping #NewIndia."

Shuva Raha

"It's the people and their genuine desire to do better for themselves and the planet. That's what makes this place tick. This is also the source of my motivation in all these years of working remotely."

Mihir Shah

"What does it even mean to prepare for a task for the PMO, or make a roadmap for the country, when you are just into your first job? It's paralysing and uplifting, the scale and depth at which you have to think and deliver. It's also a situation where you end up making friends for life. I have made several here."

shalu agrawal

"My weekend runs somehow make me a better professional. Maybe it's about practice, maybe it's about running the extra mile, and maybe its about always keeping your eye on the road."

Gyanaranjan Samal

"I have followed my heart and at CEEW, it finds contentment. The ability to pursue research on almost anything pertaining to India's energy system, no matter how whacky, off-beat or with no-prospects of immediate funding means that there's always a baby to care for and nurture. What better reason to show up at work than to raise a little one?"

karthik ganesan

"Thank you so much for your invitation to join the Board of the Council on Energy Environment and Water. It will be a privilege for me to do so.”

janmejaya sinha

"If we can break out of this persistent need to seek validation and the significance of our existence, we would be truly free."

Kanika Balani

"Many firsts in my life happened at CEEW. Cutting a cake on my birthday. Learning to use the computer, learning to drive, navigating using Google Maps... I even learnt how to find the best parking spots at ministries. Lot more to learn and a great team to learn from."

bibek chetry

"What I do here? Well… I build, explore, wonder, wander, learn, lead, and deliver."

selna saji

"Being perpetually confused is not bad. It is the opposite of bad. Confusion nags you to keep pondering, reading, conversing till you find the answers that puts it to rest."

Tanushree Ganguly

“CEEW is respected by important people in all the relevant sectors for its in-depth analysis, scholarly reports and independence. You have not strayed either to please someone or to displease someone by design. Yours has been a remarkable journey”

Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu

“Ikigai. Who said it is cannot be a millennial’s state of being?”

Vaibhav Chaturvedi

“Constant air quality monitoring, analysis and prepping for media queries had got a bit overwhelming when I had just joined. But then, to be told that I adapt and learn on the job quick, was like a calming breath. It helps you centre and be ready for anything.”

Adeel Khan

"Here, no one thinks twice about challenging the status quo, ask questions, or offer different, often provocative opinions. Asking good questions is in CEEW's DNA. I wish it was something more organisations encouraged."

reman singh

"Growth needs attention to rigour. Theory and practise need to intersect and inform each other. When moving to new regions and cultures ask if you are replicating what you know or addressing unique local challenges. This will be the differentiator between having a presence and being accepted."

Naushad Forbes

"Finance is pretty much a behind-the-scenes responsibility. So, recently after I spoke at a story-telling session during our team retreat, a colleague said, "Vikas, it is good to see you with a mic on stage. Thanks to you, we, researchers, get the opportunity to constantly be with one on so many other stages." Being valued by your colleagues is an unbeatable feeling."

Vikas pandey

"Chocolate, clean air to breathe, and a fancy bicycle. A few of my favourite things. All of which I am sure to get working here."

dhruvak aggarwal

"At the CEEW team retreat, a colleague told me, while enjoying the coconut pudding, that I am nice and sweet. I think she was referring to the dessert. But I have decided it was actually about me, because that's true!"

Anas Rehman

"It is rare to be able to pursue your interests, make a difference and earn a decent living. I am at a rare place."

Deepak Yadav

"Wherever you go, be there for the long haul. And be in control of your say: do ratio if you want to grow and build credibility."

S. Ramadorai

"How can sustainability become affordable? How can it be the preferred choice in the life of every citizen? Everything I work on has to unlock at least one piece to solving this."

Tirtha Biswas

"There are difficult times ahead and seeing the people around me here driven to safeguard the planet inspires me to do more. Acting with kindness and empathy in our lives, and aspiring to do something good, will always be the strongest drivers for me."

Akash Som Gupta

"Define me, I dare you."

Deepa Jankiraman

"Field work. Listening closely. Taking responsibility. Thinking of new ways to solve the problems no one wants to touch. That's CEEW. That's me."

Rishabh Jain

"It is impossible to think of a policy that will not have losers. But making people understand the big picture and their role in it is essential. This effort can be an end in itself. We need to do this for our future because the future is not voting yet."

Montek Singh Ahluwalia

"Not just our own development, but as colleagues, we are all very interested in helping each other grow. It is a rare culture."

Poonam Nagarkoti

"Combine success and satisfaction in the right proportion ― it's your gateway to a happy life. And the source of both is another combination ― your head and your heart."

Sachin Zachariah

"I wish the deliberate and relentless killing of people in Syria would stop. I wish we could create a universal vaccine that brings an end of this and any other pandemic in the future. And I wish I was a little less hypersensitive. The constant churn of emotions is tiresome."

Rachna Pathak

"My thoughts. I often travel to its sparkling waters, and sometimes let myself drown. I see the gaps of reality through their shimmering lens. I giggle at the methods of the world. 'Are you mad?' the world asks. But what the hell, there is no fun in sanity."

Rithima Warrier

"Happiness is clean data, a hearty meal and the glorious (or not) state of breathlessness after laughing hard."

Shrey Sood

"Everything wrong with the world has its origin in capitalism's inherent misanthropy. I'd like to see an end of that. And with it, the end of religion too. If there's one thing the gods can do, it is to look after themselves. They don't need us."

Milan Jacob

"Credibility has to be 100%. You build it not just by agreeing all the time. Disagree. But don’t be disagreeable while doing it."

Anil Kakodkar

"I wanted to break at least one of the deadlock issues in international climate negotiations. Not too many people thought that I should dedicate two years to this. Today, my efforts have been recognised internally as an example of 'leadership by initiative' and the UNFCCC wants to adapt my framework. It's a windfall!"

Sumit Prasad

"Poetry. Equanimity. And this community of friends. They define me."

Kamal Singh

"I love it here. I have worked in house-keeping in many organisations. Nowhere have I expereinced such respect and friendliness. We have never been made to feel like we are under contract and, therefore, not part of the team."

Sandeep Singh

"A very accessible CEO and a manager who tells you, "If you are taking care of the task, then I don't need to worry." It's a blessing to have the empathy and trust of the people you work with."

Sandhya Singh

"I'm thrilled with my new solar-powered inverter. If it was not for CEEW there was no way I could have convinced my family to get one. Feels quite good to be living that sustainability talk."

Tanvi Jain

"One rarely thinks public policy is a domain for start-ups. CEEW does. It insists this thinking is the only way think tanks can stay credible. Prove the worth of their analysis by investing in their own recommendations. For me this is the place to be."

Himani Jain

"So, what is an experimental chemistry researcher doing in public policy? Learning how to get heard. Learning how to present research with the right nuance so that maybe, one day, she can bring lab innovations to the forefront by convincing policymakers to bet more on experimental research to solve problems."

Akanksha Tyagi

"I am a vortex of the sublime and the preposterous. Because you discover both in equal measure when you trawl through the shades of grey in life, with a fine-toothed comb."

Arjun Dutt

"My daughter. My work. My sleep. I don’t want to miss a minute of any. And I am hoping that science, once it has delivered the COVID-19 vaccine, gets to work on generating such powers with which we can physically be at several places at the same time, doing everything we want to."

Disha Agarwal

"The best part about life is it keeps you on your toes, constantly evaluating and optimising. This is true fun if you can see the adventure in it.”

Gandhar Ukidve

"Curious always!"

Gagan Sidhu

"I'm the goal keeper who lets nothing slip. I'll be my team's last man standing.."

Garvit Sahdev

"CEEW is a place where every single person enjoys, or at least likes, what they do. Can you IMAGINE that?!"

Harsha V. Rao

"A small spec in a universe sized billions of light years - indispensable? No. Significant? Maybe. Effectual? Trying."

Hemant Mallya

"Why am I a feminist? Is there a reason not to be one?

Kangkanika Neog

"Kindness is the ultimate cool."

Khushboo Singh

"If I had a billion dollars, I'd set up orphanages. No child in the world should be without care or comfort."

Nitin Maurya

"I would wish away hunger and ill health if I could. They have no place in a truly 21st century, evolved world."

Bharat Sharma

"To me, CEEW is the place to enjoy the company of researchers committed to learning each day."

Himanshu Dixit

"It's remote sensing today, it could be something else tomorrow. Whatever makes me curious and whatever I can do to make a difference, that's what I get to do here."

L.S. Kurinji

"I just have to solve every problem and take on every pressure. It's the only way to be better than what you were the day before."

Neeraj Kuldeep

"My wish list? Some more free time would be a real luxury and very welcome. And with that, all the knowledge I would ever need to change lives."

Nikhil Sharma

"Joined during the lockdown. So, CEEW is still 'virtual reality' for me. But made real by the constant course of learning, especially energy modelling, from some of the world's leading experts here."

Puneet Kamboj

"Don't raise your voice. Raise your argument. Harvey Specter from Suits, the TV series, hooked me with this line. It's my mantra for a more productive, low-stress life."

Prateek Aggarwal

"I wish I could be the real Dr Doolittle. Speaking with animals, helping them and humans understand each other to make this a truly inclusive world. The cherry on top would be driving around to do house calls in a 1964.5 mustang convertible. It's a favourite from childhood."

Ritu Joshi

"New at CEEW, and amazed at how a socially awkward person like me could make friends here, easily."

Harshita Sharma

"I was just a month old at CEEW. and over a team call, a leadership group member read out my name and congratulated me on my contributions to the Jobs, Growth and Sustainability document. I really had put in some effort! It made a big difference to be recognised so."

Sweta Jha

"I am obsessive about 'a place for everything and everything in its place'. From my kids' homework to HR files and processes. Method over madness for me, any day!"

R. Sunita

"Unconventional. I identify with it. It is freedom from conventional notions and prejudices that influence our value system and obstructs our appetite for learning from new experiences."

Saloni Jain

"I'm just an old soul who thinks kindness is the greatest virtue, and experience the only ever-lasting possession."

Niti Gupta

"Nothing beats the thrill or the responsibility of conducting primary research. Suddenly everyone is looking at you, and it is your responsibility to fill a data void. It's your numbers that you and many after you will use to further a cause. It's like being a pioneer."

Sunil Mani

"Borrowing a line from somewhere because it resonates with me the most, "As a human tied to the earth we dream of voyaging the stars, as a human lost in the stars we will always dream of returning home.""

Shanal Pradhan

"Ambition comes in all shapes, sizes, and colours. Why be defined by what others consider as worthy pursuits? Knowing if something truly brings you peace, is a journey worth making."

Sasmita Patnaik

"I am either a giant, annoying lightbulb with way too much energy - attempting to do everything and talk to everyone at once, or a candle light in a very dark room, spreading light and happiness. Not my words, but that's me."

Shaikh Wase Khalid Md Shakil

Wake up to wagging tails
My life is not a mess
I smile and it reduces my stress.
My desk, my home, my life
I've made them clutter-free
It's just my calendar, my kids,
my fur babies, and ME!

Veena Janet Basil

"Scientific enquiry starts with asking seemingly absurd questions. Mine was 'why can't travelling by bus be cooler?' I’m the daughter of an Indian Railways employee. But I found my calling, not in the dedicated freight corridor, but in urban mobility solutions. I’ve always had to do long commutes to college and work on public transport. And like many others, I feel that this choice should not come at the cost of longer wait times, patchy connectivity, and discomfort. I deliberately ticked the wrong multiple choice answers in the railway recruitment exams, much to my parents’ dismay. I am here, where I want to be, making public transport the commute of choice and convenience for all."

Harsimran Kaur

"I feel quite proud when I go back to my village, and when people ask me what I do, I tell them that we are working on solar irrigation pumps, smart meters and about CEEW's work in UP. They think this is a 'sahi' place to be, I too think so."

Ajay Kumar

"The attention everyone gives to their work is something rare here. People do not spend time just talking about all and sundry, or on petty politics. I work in the field. Yet, I am trusted to do my job right, given the equipment and resources, so I can deliver."

Alok Kumar

"If I were the prime minister and could choose two mandatory readings for all, they would be Our Iceberg is Melting and The Intelligent Investor. Finacial management and the ability to adapt constantly. The only two life skills to help us survive and thrive."

Danwant Narayanaswamy

"I’m the goal keeper who lets nothing slip. I’ll be my team’s last man standing."

Garvit Sahdev

"My experiences in the field has taught me this. If I had my way, I would mandate government officials to send their children to local government schools. This may be the only way to make sure all children get quality education, no matter where they live or the situation of their parents."

Devendra Singh

"Meditation trains me to seek the truth in ways my schools may not have. It’s a compass, an energiser. I don’t leave home without it."

Surabhi Singh

"CEEW always felt like home - enriched with cooperation, support, conversations, and colleagues who always had your back, Kudos on the latest 'Great place to work certification,' but I know that team CEEW earned it a long time back. CEEW has truly been an institution that builds careers and gives you ample opportunities of being your own boss! Not many institutions are designed and maintained this way. I really miss the CEEW cakes and celebrations and the memories of #ShalukiShaadi will remain forever etched in my mind."

Vaibhav Gupta

"My fondest memories at CEEW are meeting the Union Environment Minister in the very first month of joining the organisation; publishing my first opinion editorial; having an opportunity to discuss my ideas with the stalwarts of Indian industry and pre-eminent scientists, and of course, the playful team banter over tea and samosas after a long day’s work. For me, CEEW will also be a place filled with wonderful people, who I look up to and deeply respect."

Hem Dholakia

"I was part of the CEEW Energy ACCESS survey team in its first round. Before digging into the data, I thought Odisha would be one of the worst-performing states out of our sample of six most energy-access-deprived states. But the survey data rocked my priors! The puzzle that Odisha, which does poorly on most rural development outcomes, could be leading on electrification gave me the premise of my PhD ― What does it take for electrification to impact development outcomes? Which I went on to pursue. My one year at CEEW was probably one of my most intensive years of learning. It was also the time of fabulous food, friends and fun at the Triveni Kala canteen."

Sudatta Ray

"I am quite proud to be part of a team where everyone’s focus is the country and the planet."

Sachin Kaundal

"I met Dr Arunabha Ghosh on 16 August 2010 at the CEEW office ― a single room on the 2nd floor of the CII Gurugram office. That’s where the CEEW journey began. The first thing we made was a ‘pull up’ stand of the CEEW logo. He carried it everywhere for CEEW meetings. I remember personally buying each piece of stationery ― pens, writing pads, files, folders, etc. That Arunabha wanted 100 per cent perfection in everything, sometimes became a challenge for me. Within a year, CEEW managed to get its own office space in Thapar House and we moved there. Looking at what CEEW has achieved since that day, I could not be prouder."

Madhu Arya

"You can MS Excel your way out of any computation and management problem. That’s how versatile it is. As a coder, I find it the most underestimated tool of the day. I am unlocking its ability to problem-solve almost every waking hour."

Abhishek Garg

"I am at my best, problem-solving for large, audacious challenges. The climate crisis. There’s nothing bigger than this. And there’s no better satisfaction than working in a like- minded team to create impact at scale."

Sidhartha Maheshwari

"I love how particularly warm everybody at CEEW is. Your first job can always be daunting because you’re stepping into a sphere with little to no experience and just a lot of nervousness. The energy sector was that for me, something I didn’t know a lot about, but wanted to. But all the constant conversations around you at work, the hallway coffee breaks and seeing people do exactly what they’re passionate about is so exciting!"

Meghna Nair

"Teaching rural children through the NSS, volunteering at orphanages, working on digital literacy full-time to educate women, and now Powering Livelihoods at CEEW. Sometimes you choose your purpose, sometimes the purpose chooses you. For both, you need to do what it takes for a well-earned night’s sleep."

Shruti Jindal

“This success is the outcome of your own hard work. What a milestone it is, in the journey you’ve sought”

Sumit Gautam

"CEEW is like a child who’s just learned to walk but runs to every nook and corner touching, feeling, exploring ― always wide-eyed, always curious. Here’s wishing we stay this hungry and foolish always."

Vaibhav Pratap Singh