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Technology Futures

Technology Futures

The Council’s research on Technology Futures focuses on mainstreaming appropriate global and indigenous technologies to achieve sustainable economic growth while delivering energy security and jobs in the millions. We track key technological developments and innovations in the field of energy transition technologies. We also analyse the broader global governance of technology collaborations in areas such as renewable energy, electric vehicles, climate geoengineering and hydrogen to shift the narrative from technology ‘transfer’ to ‘co-development’. We will work towards pooling resources among countries through co-ownership and sharing of the co-benefits to reduce the cost of technology development. This will help to accelerate the pace and scale of technology access, development, and use, globally.

The Council’s previous assignments include its pioneering work on critical minerals, solar module manufacturing and lithium-ion battery manufacturing in India. As part of India’s presidency of G20, the Council is formally working with the government on analysing the global RE (solar, wind, batteries and hydrogen) supply chain, identifying the technology gaps in new batteries and designing a global strategy on increasing the availability of critical minerals for clean energy manufacturing.


  • 969 - 1452 kt 

    of lithium-ion battery active material (cathode, anode, electrolyte) is required in India between FY 2022-2030 for 40-60% of indigenisation   
    Source: CEEW analysis, 2023
  • 0.23-0.26 - HHI

    indicating a very high concentration of key exporters in the global trade of solar, wind and lithium-ion batteries
    Source:  CEEW analysis, 2023
  • ~ USD 10 bn

    allocated by the Government of India to support domestic manufacturing in solar, batteries and electric vehicle sector 
    Source: CEEW analysis, 2023
  • “I compliment the CEEW research team for creating this first-of-its-kind framework for evaluating mineral resources that are critical for India. I encourage other public and private research entities to take up such innovative projects that will aid India’s rapid economic and social development.”

    Ashutosh Sharma

    Former Secretary

    Government of India, Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Science and Technology

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