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Emerging Economies

Emerging Economies

The CEEW Centre for Energy Finance (CEEW-CEF) leads The Council’s initiative on emerging economies, with a particular emphasis on advancing affordable finance towards their low-carbon transition. CEEW-CEF has conducted and published assessments of risks and opportunities associated with accelerating clean energy investments in Indonesia, South Africa and Sri Lanka. In addition, the Centre has developed a bespoke solution — the Viet Nam Grid Integration Guarantee — to address curtailment risk perceptions and thereby facilitate cost-competitive renewable energy deployment in the country.

  • 4.0x to 6.1x

    savings can be achieved for every dollar capitalising the Viet Nam Grid Integration Guarantee.
    Source: CEEW-CEF, 2022
  • ~USD 9 billion

    investment opportunity (excluding large hydro) represented by Sri Lanka’s 2030 clean power ambitions.
    Source: CEEW-CEF, 2020
  • ~35%

    share of flexible sources (gas, hydro and geothermal) in Indonesia’s power generation is a significant advantage for facilitating deeper penetration of intermittent solar and wind energy.
    Source: CEEW-CEF, 2019

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