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Circular Economy

Circular Economy

The Circular Economy team at The Council aims to promote the effective utilisation of natural resources through a combination of data, policy, and market instruments. Our focus is currently on the circularity in water and clean energy technologies. We are creating evidence around waste generation, assessing waste treatment technologies and domestic capacity, identifying markets for reclaimed materials, and developing financing solutions for a circular economy. We also convene policymakers regularly to sensitise them about the barriers and opportunities for adopting the various circular economy principles across the supply chains. Our direct industry engagement ensures that proposed interventions are practical and scalable.

  • 6x

    expected increase in the total mineral demand for clean energy technologies in 2040, from 2020 levels, to reach net-zero globally by 2050.
    Source: IEA, 2022
  • 1.4 million hectares

    of cropped area can be irrigated using the currently (2021) available treated wastewater in India for the irrigation sector, based on sectoral water demand.
    Source: CEEW analysis
  • 12%

    expected reduction in the primary supply requirement for minerals by 2040 from recycling and reusing EV and storage batteries.
    Source: IEA, 2022
  • CEEW has made valuable contributions to the efforts on solar PV waste management thus far. lt has been decided to engage CEEW as knowledge partner for estimation, mapping and forecasting of solar PV waste generation.

    Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

Our Circular Economy Team

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