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Hourly load curve estimates 2012 and 2015

This data presented for 2015 is estimated hourly load curve for various states. The North-East is excluded and some UTs are combined. It represents actuals for some states (MH and KA) and for the rest, it is estimated based on peak power, total energy demand for each day, and some broad-based assumptions that are needed to fill gaps. This is an outcome of a scientific exercise, given all the limitations, and may not be very accurate in representing specific aspects of the load curve for each state or for the nation as a whole. There is also a national level hourly load curve for 2012. This is presumably actual data, but we are unable to verify if this is indeed the case.

Both datasets were made available without any NDA's attached to them and are in turn, being shared with the wider research community to inspect and improve upon. We would like to hear from you, on any more details you can offer for state state specific estimates or the national level curve, and improve the reliability of the curves for use in various studies.