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Assessing COVID-19 impacts and the stimulus needs for India's power sector

27 Jul 2020   |   1100-1230 hrs IST

COVID-19 recovery plans of governments across the world are being scrutinised for climate action commitments. Under the guise of COVID-19 recovery measures, some governments have dedicated large sums of public money into the struggling fossil fuel industry. India has tried to maintain a balance in supporting the renewable energy sector to attract new investment, and sustaining the current system that is reliant on the fossil fuel industry.

The webinar will feature insights from IISD’s Energy Policy Tracker. We will begin by showcasing key policy imperatives from countries across the world. We will then delve into India’s power sector, which has remained the bulwark of the transition in India. We will explore the role coal will play in the power system, how we can wean away from dependence on more coal, and understand the challenges in providing livelihoods for those dependent on coal. Insights from this session would be useful to policymakers, analysts, and other stakeholders interested in the power sector in India and globally.

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