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RE-financing the energy transition: Barriers and solutions

29 Jul 2020   |   1600 - 1730 hrs IST

India's energy transition dream relies on the country achieving its target of 450 GW of renewable installations by 2030. The financing or refinancing of this transition is expected to be a significant barrier to realising the stated ambitions. It will cost about USD 200 billion to set up the generation capacity alone. The generation capacity will need to be supported by the creation and upgradation of an equally capital intensive grid integration infrastructure majorly in the form of transmission, evacuation, and storage networks.

The current alternatives to financing such as banks and other traditional lenders, bonds (both domestic and foreign), and other instruments and structures are suffering from their own set of challenges. These options, without support and revisions, are likely to fall short to meet the demand of this massive infrastructure build-up exercise.

The webinar will highlight the key risks and critical interventions needed to finance the energy transition in India. These insights would be valuable to policymakers, investors, and other stakeholders interested in the world's biggest RE programme.

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