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Urban mobility and electric vehicle transition in India

23 Oct 2019   |   0930 - 1300 hrs (IST)

Organised by CEEW and Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation

About the Event

Various facets of the mobility landscape in India are undergoing change. India has to simultaneously juggle the need to meet basic accessibility needs for large swathes of the population while accommodating new paradigms such as electric and shared mobility that are gaining traction globally. The infrastructure needed to support non-motorised transport and adequate availability of public transit options continue to remain a challenge. Urban transport planning and governance are points of intervention to address these needs. The recent amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act and subsequent reaction from various quarters is a testimony to the challenges in reforming governance around transport.

At the same time, the auto-industry in India has to increasingly cater to fuel-efficiency and emissions norms being stipulated. The same factors driving a push for curtailing pollution from vehicles have culminated in a debate for an electric vehicle (EV) transition in India. However, switching to EV manufacturing has implications to the value-addition and jobs supported while also creating new opportunities for the sector. The optimal pace of such a transition and the enabling policy and market environment needed for it are yet to be detailed.

The dialogue will bring together policymakers, industry representatives, and researchers to discuss urban mobility and auto-industry transitions in tandem. CEEW’s recent studies on ‘Perceptions on Clean Transport and Sustainable Mobility in Urban India’ and ‘Electric Vehicle Transition in India: Opportunities, Challenges and the EV Ecosystem’ that have explored these themes will be launched at the dialogue, adding context to the deliberations.

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Riddhima Sethi

Communications Associate