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Ganesh Dileep

Ganesh Dileep

Special Assistant to the Director-Research Coordination

Ganesh works as the Special Assistant to the Director, Research Coordination at The Council. They provide strategic support for the Director-Research Coordination's engagements with the various teams at the Council and other research collaborators, while being a communicator for the Council’s research. A trained generalist, Ganesh's expertise includes a cross-sectoral understanding of energy policies, environmental issues and developmental pathways of India in the context of national priorities and socioeconomic dimensions.

Previously, Ganesh has worked as a Program Coordinator for the Millennium Campus Network, delivering the Millennium Fellowship - the flagship project of the UN Academic Impact in 136 campuses across 30 nations. Through the fellowship, they mentored 2000+ students leading various social impact projects across the world, and coordinated between global stakeholders, funders, and university administrators.

In India, Ganesh has worked at various levels of governance from panchayats to central government ministries, interacting with a wide variety of actors. A passionate community leader, they have also represented India as a young leader advancing Global Citizenship Education across South Asia at the UN Asia Pacific Center for Education for International Understanding (under UNESCO). On graduating, the IIT Madras Alumni Association honored them as 2021's 'Sustainability Champion'.

Ganesh holds a Masters in English Studies with a Development Studies Minor, from IIT Madras. In their free time, Ganesh can be seen cooking up a storm, bedazzled under theatre lights, playing with the neighborhood cats and dogs, or cooped up in a corner with a book. They are also an amateur boxing enthusiast and a determined Slytherin.

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