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Neera Majumdar

Neera Majumdar

Communications Specialist

Neera works at CEEW’s outreach team as a Communications Specialist, overseeing editorial content and media outreach, which includes opinion articles, blogs, and press releases. Her role is a bridge between The Council’s cutting-edge research and public readership.

Previously, Neera was a Senior Assistant Editor at ThePrint, where she shaped and edited opinions, features, and managed the book section. Her focus is always on how to make an article readable and unique—whether written by a scientist, politician, activist, academic or student. She has a bachelor's and master’s degree in English Literature from Jadavpur University, PG diplomas in Art and Editing, and was a Young India Fellow at Ashoka University.

Neera is interested in culture, climate change, history, food and politics. In her free time, she mentors school students who want to become journalists, reads books about food politics, takes care of a cat who doesn't want to be taken care of, drinks tea, and watches anything but horror movies.

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