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CEEW Centre for Energy Finance launched at Energy Horizons

Arunabha Ghosh with IEA Director Faith Birol

New Delhi, 19th July 2019: Energy Horizons 2019 marked the launch of the CEEW Centre for Energy Finance (CEF) by H.E. Mr Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gases, and Minister of Steel, and H.E Dr Fatih Birol, Executive Director, International Energy Agency (IEA).

CEF will act as a non-partisan market observer and driver, to monitor, develop, test, and deploy financial solutions to advance the energy transition. Its market analysis will cover energy transition-related sectors, both on the supply (solar, wind, energy storage) and demand side (electric vehicles, distributed renewable energy applications). It will create open source data sets, salient and timely analysis, and market trend studies. During the launch, the team presented the CEF dashboard, which has been visualised as a store house of data available in the public domain.

Kanika Chawla, Director, CEEW CEF, said, “The idea of the CEEW Centre for Energy Finance is a merger between energy transition and economic transition. CEEW CEF wants to deepen clean energy markets. We want to ensure more market activity while reducing the reliance on policy. The market should be guided more by regulation than policy. We want transparency. We want to attract solutions for certain kinds of capital that currently stay outside the market.”

CEEW CEF’s solution-focused work will enable the flow of new and more affordable capital into clean energy sectors. These solutions will be designed to address specific market risks that act as roadblocks to capital flows.

Arunabha Ghosh with Dharmendra Pradhan