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By Arunabha Ghosh

If you noticed a dream and mentored a vision
and didn’t dismiss me for a fool;
If you opened the door to an empty floor
with not a desk or scarcely a tool;
If you gave a chance when we barely got a glance
to prove what a tiny troupe could do;
If you took a bet but offered no safety net
I’d still be in debt to say, “Thank you!”

If you forfeited a job that was part of the mob
and chose the path for the few;
If you gave up time, picked not money but mind
to turn a needle or two;
If you used policy, capital, tech, behaviour
to chisel sturdy legs of the stool;
If your knowledge spoke eternal truth to power
I’d forever bow to your fortitude.

If you came from penury or the greatest of privilege
but devoted your life to build a bridge;
If you didn’t just rest on high morals to preach
but acted with gumption for scale and reach;
If you charged at the citadels of the incumbents
faced fire and flak as walls you breached;
If you fought odds to create opportunity for others
I’d say a prayer to thank Almighty for thee.

If you carried us water, cleaned and guarded our stations
paid our dues, made us follow all norms;
If you helped another, training them with patience
building legacies that would carry on;
If you delivered before time, fulfilled expectations
urgent and important being all done;
If you stamped your character on your vocation
I’d worship the light that you have shone.

If you wished your strokes could paint a grander canvas
fill your palette, then, with colours of adventure;
If you deepened the roots or broadened the branches
erected them platforms but feared no failure;
If you strode solo or sprinted, on long lonely journeys
ran marathons that made you stronger to endure;
If you could trust your instincts to believe your partners
I’d walk with you to the ends of the Earth.

The poem was penned by Arunabha Ghosh for CEEW's 10th anniversary.