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Karthik Ganesan and Gagan Sidhu appointed Directors for Research Coordination and CEEW-CEF

We are delighted to announce that Karthik Ganesan who joined CEEW in 2012, will be taking on the additional responsibility of Director - Research Coordination. Karthik has successfully driven multiple programmes at The Council, published path-breaking research across a range of pressing sustainability issues, and been integral to the growth of CEEW into a world-class independent policy research institution. In his new role, Karthik is responsible for having a bird's eye view of CEEW's ongoing and planned research and ensuring cross-team coherence for CEEW's research direction and imperatives. He also dons the hat of an internal adviser across research teams, creates institutional platforms that spur innovation and, in partnership with other senior researchers, continues to strengthen CEEW's foundation for robust research. As Fellow, Karthik will continue to pursue his research interests within the areas of air quality, industrial sustainability, mobility, and power reforms.

We are equally pleased that Gagan Sidhu has taken on the mantle as Director of the CEEW Centre for Energy Finance. Gagan has more than 25 years of experience, in a career that has taken him across several financial capitals of the world. His core focus has been in finance and he has approached it from multiple lenses — as an investment banker, CFO, and as an Adviser to CEEW-CEF since June 2019. Gagan's responsibilities will include driving a significant uptake of the CEEW-CEF brand, building on market intelligence, the masterclasses and solutions factory. He would also be aligning closely with CEEW's Vision 2030, which aims to transform markets, in part, and create impact at scale, more substantially.

Team CEEW wishes Karthik and Gagan the very best in their new roles and looks forward to their contribution in raising the bar at The Council.