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Service your AC twice a year
01 January, 1970

What are the benefits of servicing your AC twice a year?

1. Saves electricity.

2. Enhances and maintains the cooling performance of the unit.

3. Keeps the AC energy efficient (i.e. cools with less power).

4. Reduces frequent breakdowns.

5. Reduces refrigerant consumption during the working life of AC and thereby reduces direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases.

Why is a pre-Summer AC Service Important?

  • The cleaning ensures that filters, heat exchangers, and the condensate pipe/drain become dust free and are not clogged. Clogged, dusty parts reduce cooling efficiency and increase power consumption.
  • The technician can detect potential gas leaks that may have occurred during the shutdown months.
  • Rechecks ensure all electrical connections are functional.

Why is a pre-winter service Important?

  • Washes off the moisture build up in the parts and filter and reduces chances of virus and bacteria growth.
  • Cleans up the accumulated dust.
  • Keeps the indoor unit cleaner.

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What are some mistakes to avoid during AC servicing?
  • Releasing the refrigerant gas into the atmosphere: This is highly injurious to the environment as most refrigerants increase global warming.
  • Not carrying the required tools: Uncalibrated or incorrect tools used during servicing can damage the AC.
  • Not using quality spares or components: Non-standardised spares can reduce the performance of the AC and increase it’s wear and tear.
  • Conducting brazing of the system while the refrigerant is inside. (Brazing is a metal-joining process which uses heat)
  • Servicing the AC near fire or smoke, as flammable refrigerants may catch fire.
  • Refilling the refrigerant gas without checking the type of refrigerant inside the system. Not running the AC for about 20 minutes after servicing to check the cooling performance
7 Steps for Good Servicing

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Servicing your AC is more than just cleaning your AC. Here are seven steps to take care of our AC, so that it can take better care of us.

1. Request for a trained technician who carries calibrated tools, personal protection equipment (PPE), company ID card, and training certificate (where possible).

2. Ensure that the technician performs basic system checks, including the correct refrigerant gas to be used, its tonnage and voltage requirements, AC remote functions, and swinging of blowers, for a complete diagnosis.

3. Request the technician to check electrical connections, wires, and sensors to prevent energy loss, and chances of overheating.

4. Ensure that the technician cleans coils and filters for unhindered exchange of air.

5. Ensure leak detection, testing and leak arresting throughout the AC pipes/

6. After the leak is repaired, ensure that the refrigerant gas is recovered using refrigerant recovery equipment, and not released into the environment at the time of refilling./

7. Ensure that the system is flushed and evacuated before the refrigerant gas is refilled./

Note: Even improper installation of your AC’s indoor and outdoor units can increase the maintenance requirements of an AC while reducing its life, as a result of greater wear and tear, difficulty in access for servicing, increased chances of refrigerant leakage, obstructed air flow of the fans, etc. More information on this can be found in the additional resources mentioned below.

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