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Ayesha Dash

Ayesha Dash

Research Analyst

Ayesha is a Research Analyst for the CEO, working in the Foresight Team. By virtue of her role, she works on a wide range of subjects, spanning across CEEW’s three pillars.

A recent graduate from Ashoka University, she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Relations due to her interest in policy and diplomacy and graduated with Latin honours. After this, she secured a Postgraduate Diploma under the Ashoka Scholars Programme, during which she pursued Entrepreneurial Leadership and Strategy for a year.

During university, she interned at a Rajya Sabha MP’s office, an ESG consulting firm, and a think-tank working on women’s economic upliftment. She has been an editor with the Ashoka Journal on International Relations, a debater, amongst others. In 2022, she attended the Data and Policy Summer Scholar Program at Harris School of Public Policy, in the University of Chicago, to understand data analytics and programming in international policy, and completed a capstone project analysing data on UN General Assembly voting patterns on climate issues from 1947 to 2019. This instilled in her the desire to create carefully researched, evidence-based, sustainable impact.

Beyond her professional and academic pursuits, she has been an artist, photographer, guitarist, theatre performer, and has even starred in a theatre production to raise funds for social causes. She finds the most joy in being around loved ones, sharing experiences and making memories – big and small.

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