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Research Analyst (Demand Flexibility) – Power Markets

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Designation offered
Research Analyst

Team/ Focus area
Power Markets

Reporting to
Programme Associate

New Delhi, India


CEEW seeks to hire a suitable candidate to assist the Power Markets team in analysing and designing electricity demand response and flexibility programmes. The role will involve using econometric methods to study electricity end-use and consumer preferences for demand response programme design. The candidate will also be expected to critically analyse the policies, programmes, and regulations that impact electricity use and engage extensively with government, industry and civil society stakeholders at the state and sub-state levels. The candidate should preferably have some previous experience of conducting qualitative and quantitative research.

CEEW offers an intellectually challenging and conducive work environment, with a focus on research rigour, innovative thinking, and strategic outreach. We are looking for an enthusiastic and detail-oriented individual who would be excited to take research to action. Besides the work on electricity demand, the candidate will be expected to provide data collection and analytical support to the team working towards embracing new technologies (smart meters and energy efficiency) and behavioural interventions to influence responsible energy use. An ideal candidate should have the demonstrated experience of working with key stakeholders in the sector. We recommend applicants visit the Power Markets page for more details about our projects.

Responsibilities and accountabilities


  • Assist the team in designing survey instruments to gather data on consumer characteristics and preferences on load shifting, modulation, etc. in an Indian state.
  • Analyse survey data to gather insights on optimal programme design for making electricity demand flexible.
  • Critically analyse policies and regulations across states that impact electricity end-use.
  • Assist the team in conceptualising and implementing research interventions to enhance the flexibility of electricity demand from various consumer segments.
  • Travel to field sites, whenever necessary and if feasible, to conduct fieldwork including focus group discussions, interviews, etc.
  • Keep a tab on current debate/research on the power sector in the national and global context and come up with innovative ideas to better understand, measure, monitor, communicate and (ultimately) improve the power supply situation in the country.
  • Use insights from the research to inform policy by making written submissions on draft policies/regulations and participating in physical and virtual stakeholder consultations.
  • Disseminate knowledge and findings from studies through high-quality research reports, papers, memos, opinion pieces, videos, etc., to a diverse set of stakeholders.

Programme assistance

  • Assist with project implementation, including support with preparing presentations, factsheets and other communication material with the help of CEEW’s outreach team.
  • Support efforts to use new media platforms for wide dissemination of CEEW's work and, in turn, closer engagement with the wider community.
  • Participate in regular inter- and intra-team meetings for collaborative outputs.

Stakeholder engagement

  • Build strong networks of trust with key stakeholders in the sector, including government officials, regulators and civil society organisations.
  • Accompany team members for meetings with stakeholders; prepare minutes of the meetings and assist with relevant follow up.

Selection Criteria

Educational qualification

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in economics, development economics, energy economics, statistics, public policy, or related disciplines.
  • Candidates with graduation in engineering/economics/statistics with relevant research/data skills will also be considered.
  • Experience in survey design/execution and data analysis desirable.

Key skills

  • Strong quantitative and qualitative research skills
  • Strong and effective written and verbal communication skills
  • Proficiency in R/Python for data analysis
  • Insightful and concise writing in English
  • Proficient in MS Excel and MS Word
  • Keen interest in issues related to the power sector and economic policy


  • Keen interest in policy analysis, regulations, and governance.
  • Striving for rigour in research and quality in work output.
  • Ability to drive research with minimum assistance.
  • Ability to dig into details while keeping the broader objectives and big picture in view.
  • Willingness to learn, grow and develop on the personal and professional front at a rapid pace with a steep learning curve.
  • Ability to work across teams in an interdisciplinary and multicultural environment

CEEW operates in a dynamic environment, and the candidate will be required to show flexibility in undertaking various tasks.


Competitive compensation – commensurate to the experience and matching the best of standards adopted by the industry or other similar organisations for similar roles.

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