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Chandan Jha

Chandan Jha

Programme Lead

Chandan is working at the Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW) as a Programme Lead with the Sustainable Food System team. With an extensive career spanning over a decade, he has adeptly navigated the intricate human dimensions of climate change, focusing on both adaptation and mitigation strategies within the Food and Land use System.

Prior to joining CEEW, Chandan held the position of Research Manager at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, where his contributions significantly enriched projects such as the Food Agriculture Biodiversity and Land Use and Energy (FABLE) Pathways, Food System Economic Commission (FSEC) and other related initiatives. He is also serving as a Guest Researcher with the Land-use group, RDIII-Transforming Pathways, at the prestigious Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research (PIK), Germany.

Possessing a background as an agricultural economist, his work revolves around uncovering viable pathways towards sustainable food and land-use systems in India, utilizing economic and integrated assessment models (IAMs). His expertise has been pivotal in developing intricate models that illustrate the interconnected dynamics between agriculture, environment, energy, climate, socio-economic transitions, and technological advancements in India.

He holds a doctoral degree in Economics from the Indian Institute of Management, Mumbai. His thesis delved into the fascinating realm of farmers' perceptions of climate change and how these perceptions influence adaptive decisions. This research examined the discrepancies in farm revenue and productivity between adapting and non-adapting farmers, considering various socio-economic factors, local climate information sources, and agricultural extension services.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Chandan finds solace in the embrace of nature, relishing journeys through forested and mountainous terrains. He also channels his creativity and relaxation by indulging in the art of cooking and delving into literature that unveils India's profound history of spirituality and ritualism.

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