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Ekansha Khanduja

Ekansha Khanduja

Programme Associate

Ekansha is a Programme Associate at The Council with water being her focus area. She enjoys hydrological modelling and mixed-method research.

Before coming to the Council, Ekansha has lived and worked with communities and several government departments in Gadchiroli, Ladakh, Srinagar, Samastipur, Tuljapur and Udaipur on varied social and environmental issues. She did an M.A. from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Tuljapur in Development Policy, Planning and Practice; and an MTech from TERI School of Advanced Studies, Delhi in Water Resource Engineering and Management.

Outside of work, Ekansha can be found cherishing food, various genres of music; Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi poetry, and English fiction. She is a spiritualist, a heliophile and a believer in The Ancient One.

  • 1hour of meditation a day
  • 2river basins modelled for hydrological cycle
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