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Defining the Contours of Solar Geoengineering Governance: A Precautionary Approach

28 Jul 2022   |   1800-1915 IST (1430-1545 CET | 0830-0945 ET)

As the climate crisis compounds globally, solar radiation management (SRM) is emerging as a potential technology to try and slow, or even reverse, climate change. The uncertainty, severity, and ubiquity of the potential impacts of SRM make its research and governance an absolute prerequisite. Currently, there is no governance mechanism to regulate such research, facilitate exchange of findings, or govern impacts.

This webinar brings together experts in the field of atmospheric chemistry, climate change economics, public policy, and geoengineering, to deliberate on the challenges of governing SRM research, development, and deployment.

We will also discuss the key findings from two recently launched reports: Solar Radiation Modification: Governance Gaps and Challenges and Solar Geoengineering and the Montreal Protocol: A Case for Global Governance.

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For Event Queries

Saman Fatima Nomani

Communications Associate

[email protected]


Key Speakers


    David W. Keith

    Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Physics

    Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences


    Ana Maria Kleymeyer

    International Law and Policy Advisor


    Jesse Reynolds

    Senior Policy Officer

    Global Climate Overshoot Commission, Paris Peace Forum


    Christine Merk

    Deputy Director

    Research Center Global Commons and Climate Change Policy, Kiel Institute


    Masahiro Sugiyama

    Associate Professor

    University of Tokyo


    Janos Pasztor

    Executive Director



    Dr Arunabha Ghosh