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Governing Solar Radiation Management: The Role of Developing Countries

10 Apr 2019   |   1000 - 1330 hours

Organised by CEEW and Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment

About the Event

The roundtable discussion aimed to disseminate findings of the academic working group on Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and discuss the current knowledge of the technology as well as associated governance needs. Through in-depth discussions led by global experts, academics, and key government officials, the discussion sought to consider and propose actionable recommendations for SRM governance in developing countries.

Key Highlights

  • The Roundtable marked the launch of the report ‘Governing Solar Radiation Management - A report from the Academic Working Group on Climate Engineering Governance’ in India. The report can be accessed here.
  • While India is on track to meet its NDCs, research over Solar Radiation Management (SRM) is gaining importance. This growing conversation about SRM research and its potential integration into domestic and internal climate policy makes it an ideal time to give due attention to these technologies.

Actionable Recommendations for Governing SRM

  • Create politically legitimate deliberative bodies
    • Establish a global body on SRM, such as the United Nations,
    • Create a global forum for stakeholder dialogue
  • Leverage existing institutions
    • Strengthen cooperation between international organisations
    • Assess and improve capacities for regional coordination and conflict resolution
    • Continue ongoing assessment role for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
    • Develop foresight capacities in decision-making systems
  • Make research transparent and accountable
    • Report SRM research and development in global stocktake under the Paris Agreement
    • Institutionalize codes of conduct for SRM research
    • Ensure research includes international and interdisciplinary collaborations
    • Clarify funding streams
    • Develop a publicly accessible clearinghouse
    • Develop best practices for risk assessment

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