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CEEW-CEF Webinar
Scaling up floating solar in India: Opportunities and challenges

27 Sep 2019   |   1700 - 1800

Organised by CEEW Centre for Energy Finance (CEEW-CEF)

Installing solar power systems on water bodies is an emerging trend in the energy transition, especially in geographies with limited land availability. Experts estimate that 400 GW of solar power capacity could be installed globally, even if one per cent of man-made reservoirs were tapped. In India, plans to develop 10 GW of solar floating projects in three years have not yet taken off. Currently, India’s largest floating solar power plant (2 MW capacity) has been installed in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Limited awareness of the technology and a nascent value chain are among the main barriers that impede scaling up floating solar in the country.

The webinar by CEEW-CEF, structured as a Q&A, will highlight experiences, existing policies, market potential, and upcoming opportunities for floating solar in India.

Vivek Jha,
Yellow Tropus

Rishabh Jain
Manager - Market Intelligence


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