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About the CEEW Global South Fellowship

The spotlight for climate action is on the Global South today. However, for the world to transition in a just and equitable manner, we must consider the growing energy needs and transition pathways of the Global South. India with its market opportunity for 1.4 billion people provides the perfect example for the world to solve for both the economic challenges of today and the transformations needed for a sustainable future. We need to consider the trinity of jobs, growth, and sustainability to solve the ‘perfect storm of shocks’ – a series of environmental, economic and social crises that states and communities face – which has not been attempted at such a scale before, in any part of the world. In order to solve this and many more such wicked problems, we will need the best and brightest to wade into a complex world of public policy to build expertise, institutions and networks close to the people whose problems we are trying to solve.

The CEEW Global South Fellowship is our commitment to identifying and grooming the next set of climate leaders, who are maverick in their thinking, original in their approach, and equipping them with the ability to translate their visions into reality.

This Fellowship is an opportunity for emerging leaders to gain first-hand experience in understanding and solving the world's most pressing sustainability issues, from the lens of the Global South. As part of the 18-month-long talent programme, you will spend equal time at the Council on Energy, Environment and Water and an Indian government think tank or ministry to work in big bet areas such as green hydrogen, clean air, sustainable food systems, sustainable livelihoods, and energy finance. The Fellowship will also provide an opportunity to build networks, platforms, and contribute towards institution building.


The CEEW Global South Fellowship is an invitation to:

  • - Gain first-hand public policy experience at one of Asia's leading climate think tanks.
  • - Acquire accelerated exposure within CEEW's focus areas.
  • - Transition via a revolving door to an Indian government think tank or ministry to learn the nuances of India's political economy.

What will you gain from the Fellowship?

  • Exposure as a CEEW Global South Fellow to accelerate your journey as a climate leader globally.
  • A deep understanding of public policy and the ability to connect the dots across various issues.
  • A rich Global South perspective to understand and tackle the economic and transition challenges of today and the future.
  • Strong mentorship and training from CEEW experts on achieving impact at scale.
  • First-hand experience on how policymaking works on the ground. 

Who are we looking for?

  • Dreamers, believers and do-ers.
  • Postgraduates in economics, global governance, international affairs and development, or public policy.
  • Relevant work experience of 3-4 years is preferable but not mandatory. Fresh graduates can also apply.
  • A ‘fire in the belly’ attitude, curiosity, humility, adaptability, and resilience.
  • Applicants from all nationalities are welcome to apply. 


How does the Fellowship work? What are its key timelines?

  • CEEW is responsible for selecting candidates for the upcoming cohort of the Global South Fellowship. Applications for the CEEW Global South Fellowship are now open.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be notified, and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • For the first nine months, the Global South Fellows will be immersed in a CEEW focus area based on their strengths and aspirations. In the second part of the Fellowship for the next nine months, Fellows will be working with an Indian government think tank/ministry or an Intergovernmental organisation.

Where will Fellows be located?

The CEEW Global South Fellows will be working for the first nine months at the CEEW Headquarters in Vasant Kunj.

The second nine months of the programme would be at the identified Indian Government think tank or ministry, which is also likely to be based out of New Delhi.

Is this a paid Fellowship?

Yes, this is a paid Fellowship. The Global South Fellows will be employed by CEEW for the duration of the 18-month programme. At CEEW, our compensation philosophy is placed above the market, and Fellows can expect to meet their cost-of-living expenses (namely rent, commute, food, and travel) comfortably during their stay in New Delhi.

I am interested in the CEEW Global South Fellowship, how do I apply?

Applications for the current batch of the CEEW Global South Fellowship are now closed. Any updates regarding the process will be periodically reflected here.

About CEEW

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