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Suraj ka Gola

Suraj ka Gola, from Powering Livelihoods, a CEEW and Villgro initiative, created in collaboration with the popular music band, MAATI BAANI, tells India’s upbeat solar story. It celebrates the power of the sun in transforming rural India’s lives and aspirations. 


Satrangi sapne, Kandho pe apne,

Kaise machalte jaaye re

Ab chal pade hai lakshya ko dekhe re,

Suraj ka gola jeb mein leke re

Our many-splendoured dreams,

they’re coming alive today.

Our future’s bright and golden,

‘cause the sun’s powering our way


Maati Baani ft Ashish Kulkarni 

The Maati Baani duo of Kartik Shah and Nirali Kartik with Ashish Kulkarni are the composer-singer creative force behind this evocatively written, conceived, and performed anthem. The anthem was filmed with communities using solar, be it at their homes, their fields or for their livelihoods across Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and a few other locations.

"As musicians, collaborating with CEEW for Suraj ka Gola was the perfect opportunity for Kartik and me to reach a wider audience with a positive #GoSolar song. From naming it Suraj ka Gola to its lyrics and composition, that we were able to represent action and aspiration in a way that is fun, ‘dancy’ and inspiring gives us great satisfaction. Music connects with people at a very emotional level. We hope Suraj Ka Gola goes on to win India's heart!” - Nirali Kartik, Maati Baani

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