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Rahul Das

Rahul Das

Research Analyst

Rahul is a Research Analyst with the Clean Air team at the Council on Energy, Environment and Water. Previously, he worked as a Research Associate at the Centre for Policy Research (CPR). During his tenure at CPR, Rahul collaborated with the Government of Meghalaya, particularly with the Planning Department, to enhance development initiatives focused on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the state. The project involved conducting a comprehensive field survey across various social indicators, establishing strong partnerships with consultants, and engaging stakeholders to ensure effective coordination.

Before his role at CPR, he worked as a Programme Officer at the Public Affairs Centre, Bengaluru, in close coordination with the Government of Karnataka. His work encompassed diverse areas, including international migration, social welfare, education, and urban governance.

Rahul holds a graduate degree in Economics from the University of Calcutta and completed his post-graduation at Symbiosis School of Economics. During his master's program, he interned with Tata Steel’s CSR wing, where his interest in public policies and their impact assessment began to take shape.

Outside of his professional life, Rahul is a devoted Formula 1 enthusiast and rarely misses a Grand Prix weekend. This passion has also instilled in him a keen appreciation for the role of technology and innovation in achieving excellence. He is an avid budget traveller and his work in Meghalaya provided him with the opportunity to explore all 12 districts of the state - an accomplishment he holds dear. When choosing between mountains and beaches, Rahul is definitely in favour of mountains.

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