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Sunaina Chauhan

Sunaina Chauhan

Research Analyst

Sunaina Chauhan joined the council as a Research Analyst with the Sustainable Mobility team. Her work is mainly focused on policy making, stakeholder engagement and capacity building in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Sunaina has worked on projects related to the public domain, including redevelopment of informal settlements, sustainable development for river cities, sustainable tourism development for coastal cities, etc. She wishes to work on making safer, resilient, and inclusive cities that provide the scope for sustainable human development.

Prior to joining The Council, she worked as a Senior Associate, Road Safety at SaveLIFE Foundation where she conducted tactical redesigning trials and overlooked constructive design proposals for blackspots and accident-prone areas to make them safer for vulnerable road users.

Sunaina holds a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, and a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University School of Architecture and Planning, GGSIPU, Delhi. An avid nature lover, outside work, you can find her wandering and reading in parks. She loves to read, travel, observe and capture things related to nature. She also likes to watch sports and play badminton.

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